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Welcome to our family history web site! So far the surnames include Senior, Ashworth, Pulman, Crossland, Ambler, Neutkens, Hebblethwaite, Bowis, Lister, Vaughn, Palin, Stewart, Newlove, Yabbicom, Goodall,
Stewart [Paisley], MacKinlay, Watt, Green, Smith
Mair, Brown, Lawrie, Sutherland, Rainey, Hunter, Pittendriech, Sumner, Moss, Houghton, Hampson, Owen,. There is a great deal yet to do and there are probably many mistakes, missing persons and typos. I have not had time to allocate all the sources but we are VERY grateful for all additions and help we have received and I promise they will come. Many thanks to everyone who has helped so far. We would love to hear from anyone who thinks they may be related and/ or correct mistakes and fill in details. This site has only the barebones of the information we have - for family members there is another with full information.

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If you have any knowledge /corrections/ details for this person - please get in touch email This is the simple site which does not include much of the information we hold, including sources.

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